This stately two-storey residence is located in the centre of Potamos, the main village of the island, in a carefully landscaped garden of about 600 meters full of flowers, fruit trees and the iconic bakery.
It has belonged to the Chlambea family for generations, who moved to Kythira from Kardamili in Mani, when the island was still under Venetian control – around 1790.
In the house downstairs the signs of the Venetian occupation are obvious, such as the Venetian cross, the low doors, the characteristic small windows.
The upper floor was built during British rule on the island, around 1845, by Epirus craftsmen with great passion, attention to detail and creativity.
Today the residence – 213 sq.m. – has been completely restored highlighting its Venetian and neoclassical character. No one can ignore how impressive the carved lintels on sandstone, which represent the harvest and the hunt, are as well as the 5 arched windows in the great hall and the tortoise slabs on the verandas.
The bright, spacious rooms of the house highlight the vast space with the natural light that penetrates the mansion windows, while the large verandas with their characteristic coolness, are the ideal space for relaxation.

Selling price: 630,000 €



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